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Winds at 10-15 mph out of the NW may save the day as a high of only 88 degrees is forecast!

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So, by declaring to one and all, that black lives matter, one would assume that the rest of the races do not!

One behalf of all whites, I take extreme offense at that position. And, I would urge that fellow Latinos, Hispanics, Asians and any and all other races, also take great offense at the black man excluding the rest of us from equality and justice and equal respect.


Note that there have been only 3 deaths since January…

Coronavirus 7/12

Note that with a compliant press corps, it’s an easy thing to politically weaponize the virus in ways that benefit only one side. That is what is happening with the Democratic Party in an attempt to shut schools down this fall. Real science suggests that we open them this fall in a normal manner.

Disc golf tournament comes to Forsyth!


Taney Cty pop 56,210 - Infection rate .2%. Death rate .005%. The flu is doing better..