Including Branson MO, Forsyth and other local towns.

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radar map Avg Oct temp range 70F & 44F

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Total Precipitation


5-10 Day Forecast M A S H E d Radiation Mashed precip precip1
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Rain. High 53F. Winds light and variable. Pop 100%.

Forsyth Senior Center To Hold Gun Fundraiser Next Year!
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Ample sunshine during the day Saturday will allow temperatures to

climb into the 60’s across the area. Then, overnight the temps will fall to near freezing!

Salmonella outbreak linked to raw chicken sickens 92 in 29 states!

Vote RED Nov 6, 2018!

Sen. Claire McCaskill: Most ‘sane’ individuals will vote No on her on Nov 6th! Sadly, while Josh may be something of a douche bag, at least he’s not a complete turd sandwich like Claire!